Advertising and Promotion

Contact Elizabeth Parkinson Publicity Officer to help create promotional material and to provide an avenue for publishing your function through the promotional channels of QCGC.

List Of QCGC Activities

Brochure Material

QCGC publish a newsletter regularly and your publicity can be included in the newsletter posted to Club Members.  The newsletter is A4 in size and usually the brochures are A5 single or double sided printing.  Member clubs meet once a month so always allow plenty of time for the printed material to be distributed..

QCGC Web site

Brochure material can be emailed to QCGC for inclusion web pages under the club functions menu.  Please supply the details as a PDF so that the public can download and print the brochure in house.  This is the cheapest alternative for mass publicity.  However don't rely on just one lot of media for an advertising campaign.

QCGC Articles.

The newsletter editor is always looking for gardening articles and write ups of local garden events.  Articles can be written in Word format so that the newsletter editor can manipulate the article to fit the appropriate space in the magazine.  Word is preferable to PDF as it is difficult to do text editing on PDF documents.  Photos are best included as a separate JPG files.  Higher quality photos are required for publishing.  Mobile phone photos are usually okay.


Normally the brochures and promotional material are done as  a service , However QCGC may need to cover costs for large print runs of brochures or any other associated costs.  Please check with QCGC before submitting material.


List Of QCGC Activities 


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