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With the normal startup all the public access material is freely available and data is displayed as an open public document.  There is a firewall for members only material and this is accessed using the login facility.

If you login as a delegate then the web site is updated so that it displays items like the newsletters, minutes, emails and most delegate orientated activities.  These facilities are available as read only and downloadable material.  The secretary, webmaster or admin officer are the only users that can update the web site using a login with admin rights.

The webmaster has total access to the website as a super user and can delete any inappropriate material.

The admin officer can sign in as admin.  He can create web pages from your on blog material as an author to the web site.  Clubs can submit material to the secretary or webmaster which can be loaded onto this web site using the admin login.  Often word documents are used to prepare web pages. PDF files can be loaded as club event brochures.  Photos(as jpeg's) can be included in the blog material as they will add to the appeal of the blog..

The firewalls are new and will allow QCGC to "silo data" (limit access) for various users and activities.  At this stage a password system will act as the firewall.

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