Services for Members 

QCGC is an association of volunteering gardeners and horticulturist interest in public and private gardens.  Contact the president and secretary if you want help in a community project.  Informal discussions can help in the management of member club activities.

QCGC Activities

Membership List

A list of member clubs for member club use only.   District Map

Calendar of Events 

Member Show events open for the general public

QCGC Events

QCGC runs special functions for QCGC members.

Promotion Of Member Club Shows And Special Events

Distribution of club information brochures and advertising of events on the website and through the Newsletter. click here – link to events page– link to events page– link to events page 

QCGC web page details available to clubs to advertise club events.

Club Management

Information on aspects of running a club; meeting procedures, office bearer duties, etc 

Updating club details using the web page.


Projects in local parks and gardens . click here

Liaison with Government departments.

QCGC Newsletters

Member clubs are kept informed about news, shows, events, policies, etc. through the quarterly newsletter

Contributions from member clubs about their activities are welcome. 

Guest Speaker List

List of people who will give talks to member clubs. 

Available from the Secretary. as a PDF.

A confidential list of speakers talking on  favorite gardening topics

Excursion List

Destinations and places of interest to visit. 

Also available from the Secretary as a PDF for members only.

Travel up the Brisbane Valley and visit 3 or 4 gardening locations on the way.

Bus Trips

Organized bus trips often involving more than one club.   Typical bus trips include the carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba

Delegates Meetings 

Each club can send up to 2 members to the delegates meeting.  

The delegates meetings allow for an informal discussion of QCGC activities. More Details

Social Functions

Social functions and competitions to encourage friendship between clubs. click here – link to past events page 




QCGC - Bringing clubs together through a  mutual love of gardening

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