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The  Laidley Show is held each September and is a great day out to see the garden displays and the show prosession.

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Laidley Spring Festival's renowned Open Garden Scheme will once again showcase some of the region's loveliest gardens, despite changes to the Festival's usual format.

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Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor Tanya Milligan said the Open Garden Scheme was a great opportunity to acknowledge the dedicated and creative gardeners who call the Lockyer Valley home.

"If you're proud of your garden and would still like to show it off, we think this is a great concept," she said.

"Many of our residents find great pleasure in their gardens and have diversified to waterwise plants and setups to make the most of the minimal rainfall since the drought declaration two years ago.

"Particularly over the last few months as people have been staying at home, they have turned to the garden for a sense of achievement, companionship with other family members and many are growing edible plants which is great."


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