Wendy Wragge Trophy

Memories from Peggy O’Connor

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How it all began 1982

Peggy’s husband was interested in motorcycles, and Peggy went along with her husband to the clubs completion Mastermind. As the competition continued Peggy thought this would be great for gardening clubs, and call it “ GARDENING MASTERMIND  “

Peggy was full of enthusiasm and took it to the Q C G C meeting, but there was very little interest.  Twelve months passed and a new project was needed. It was suggested that “Gardening Mastermind” be tried.

The clubs were informed and 18 entered.  Harold Caulfield was asked to adjudicate and set the questions.  It was held in the Auditorium Mt Coot-tha 1984.

The clubs provided 4 members per team and the Captain answered the questions. 

Wendy Wragge was captain of The Gap Garden club. The team was very knowledgeable and amusing.  Wendy passed away 1987.

Harold Caulfield ran out of his pile of questions and had to make more up on the spot.

The two finalists that year were The Gap and Mt Gravatt.  Winner being The Gap.

This continued till 1992 and records are sparse.

It was decided to combine Friendship Day and Gardening Mastermind  to become “The Wendy Wragge Trophy”.

Those clubs attending Friendship Day were given  a list of questions to be filled in at their table.

The club gaining the most points on the day.

Compiled by Dorothy Tyrrell.

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