Picnic at Sherwood Arboretum

Thursday 16th Spetember

Picnics Pictures below

A beautiful spring day greeted us at the Sherwood Arboretum with 36 Members from 19 Clubs in attendance. The Guided Walks through the Arboretum we’re a great success followed by a Picnic Lunch. 
Some of the happy members are pictured below. 
From Northern District Horticultural Society. Les and Jennifer Robinson, Marilyn Baker and Heather and Noel Prior. 


From Kenmore Garden Club, Carol Tanks, Rae Matthews and Maria Moeller. 


Trish McMorrine, from The Gap Garden Club and Glenda Cooper, and Max Hilton from Karana Downs Garden Club. 


From Indooroopilly Garden Club Joy Jones, and Anthea and Bruce McBride. 

Janice Monroe, from Caboolture Garden Club, Jeanette Griffith and Pamela Philip from Indooroopilly garden Club, Ann-Maree Eames, Mt Mee Garden Club and Lorraine Blaney, from Caboolture Garden Club.  
Dulcie Adam from Albany Creek Garden Club Shirley Brann and Pat Parlane from Forest Lake Area Garden Club and Q. C. G. C. President Phil Adam. 

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